Contributor's Guide

If you’d like to contribute to Drone, there is much to be done, regardless of skillset. Please read onward and jump in if any of this looks interesting to you. If you’d like some guidance in getting started, please stop by our Development category on the Drone Discussion site. You can also introduce yourself in our Gitter room.

Drone Core

The core Drone daemon is written in Go and developed in the open on GitHub. Head over to our drone/drone repository there and take a look at the README for details on how to get started. Fork the project, make your changes, and send in a pull request.

Drone Plugins

Since we push most of the build logic out into plugins, the vast majority of our work ends up being focused here. Everything from cloning the source before a build to sending a Slack notification afterwards is done with a plugin.

All of our official plugins reside in the drone-plugins GitHub organization. Feel free to look through what we have there (or on our plugins list) and fork/PR away.

If you have a plugin of your own that you’d like to contribute, toss a post up on our Development category on the Drone Discussion site and let us know what you’ve got.

Drone UI and Design

This is an area that we are always eager to get help with. If you’d like to contribute on the design or UI front, head over to the drone/drone-ui project and take a look.

Drone Documentation

We place a very high value on having excellent documentation. No contribution is too small, and we’d love to have your input on what we do (and don’t) have. Head over to the drone/docs repository and send pull requests our way.

Drone Demos, Tips, Tricks, and How-To’s

For many people, learning is best done by example. Submissions in here are a great way for new contributors to get started. On the flipside, our experienced community members have a lot to offer in sharing what they’ve learned.

The drone-demos GitHub organization has a number of repositories containing example projects that build with Drone. We are always on the lookout for more of these. We’d suggest working on your example repo separately, then post to the Development Discussion site category when you are ready. We can help you get it moved over to the drone-demos GitHub organization and/or added as an org member.

Another way to contribute example material is via the Tips, Tricks, and How-To’s Discussion site category. Most of the stuff in drome-demos will end up with a topic here, but we also would like more bite-sized examples of how to do things. For example, “Publishing Docker images to”. These are short, concise examples that are still valuable to have on file.

This website is a public GitHub repository, which is forked from upstream Drone CI documentation. Please help us by forking and improving upstream Drone CI documentation or Tea CI documentation.