Drone ships as a single binary file and is distributed as a minimalist 20 MB Docker image. Download the official Drone image from DockerHub:

sudo docker pull teaci/drone:

For a full list of available tags, see the teaci/drone Docker Hub repo.


Create a /etc/drone/dronerc file to store configuration variables in KEY=VALUE format. Docker will use this file to load environment variables from disk. Please note these variables should never be quoted. For example:


We’ll be adding to this file as we progress through the setup process.

Select and Configure a Remote Driver

With your dronerc file created, it’s time to configure your Remote Drivers. We currently have support for GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Gogs.

Select and Configure a Database

Now that you have configured your Remote Driver, you are ready to set up the Database that Drone will use for storing state. See the Databases article for a walkthrough.

Create and Run a Drone Container

Create and run your container:

sudo docker run \
	--volume /var/lib/drone:/var/lib/drone \
	--volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
	--env-file /etc/drone/dronerc \
	--restart=always \
	--publish=80:8000 \
	--detach=true \
	--name=drone \

Please note configuration parameters are provided to Docker using the --env-file flag. Any changes to the dronerc file require you to stop, remove and re-create the container:

sudo docker stop drone
sudo docker rm drone
sudo docker run ...

At this point, you should have a running Drone instance. If you are running into issues, read the following Troubleshooting and Common Errors sections. If that fails, see Getting Help.

Assuming everything went well, you are ready to look at our Usage documentation and get some builds going.

Advanced Configuration

  • For a full list of configuration options for Drone itself, see Settings Reference.
  • If your Drone instance needs to go through a proxy server, see Network Proxy.
  • If you’d like to park Drone behind a reverse proxy, see Reverse Proxy.


Please use the Drone logs troubleshoot issues:

sudo docker logs drone

For more verbose logging add DEBUG to your dronerc file:


Common Errors

The below error indicates you did not setup your GitHub (or GitLab, Gogs, Bitbucket) integration prior to starting Drone. Please configure version control integration per the above installation instructions.

FATA[0000] unknown remote driver

The below error indicates you forgot to run Drone with --volume /var/lib/drone:/var/lib/drone per the above installation guide. This is important because you need to mount your database on the host machine.

INFO[0000] using database driver sqlite3
INFO[0000] using database config /var/lib/drone/drone.sqlite
ERRO[0000] unable to open database file
FATA[0000] migration failed
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