Network Proxy


This document provides high-level instructions for configuring Drone to work with a corporate proxy server. This may be required when running Drone behind a corporate firewall.

HTTP Proxy

The HTTP_PROXY environment variable holds the hostname or IP address of your proxy server. You can specify the HTTP_PROXY variables in your server configuration file or as an environment variable.


These variables are propagated throughout your build environment, including build and plugin containers. To verify the environment variables are being set in your build container you can add the env command to your build script.

We also recommend you provide both uppercase and lowercase environment variables. We’ve found that certain common unix tools are case-sensitive:


No Proxy

The NO_PROXY variable should contain a comma-separated list of domain extensions the proxy should not be used for. This typically includes resources inside your network, such as your GitHub Enterprise server., *

You may also need to add your Docker daemon hostnames to the above list.

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