Bitbucket Cloud

Drone comes with built-in support for Bitbucket Cloud. Bitbucket Server is not yet supported. To enable Bitbucket Cloud you should configure the Bitbucket driver using the following environment variables:


Bitbucket configuration

The following is the standard URI connection scheme:


The components of this string are:

  • scheme server protocol http or https.
  • host server address to connect to.
  • ?options connection specific options.

Bitbucket options

This section lists all connection options used in the connection string format. Connection options are pairs in the following form: name=value. The value is always case sensitive. Separate options with the ampersand (i.e. &) character:

  • client_id oauth client id for registered application.
  • client_secret oauth client secret for registered application.
  • open=false allows users to self-register. Defaults to false.
  • orgs=drone&orgs=docker restricts access to these Bitbucket organizations. Optional

Bitbucket registration

You must register your application with Bitbucket in order to generate a Client and Secret. Navigate to your account settings and choose OAuth from the menu, and click Add Consumer.

Please use as the Authorization callback URL. You will also need to check the following permissions:

  • Account:Email
  • Account:Read
  • Team Membership:Read
  • Repositories:Read
  • Webhooks:Read and Write

Remote Driver Feature Chart

Drone currently only supports BitBucket Cloud (hosted BitBucket). Contributions for BitBucket Server are welcomed.

Also, we only support git on BitBucket Cloud. While we do have a Mercurial Drone Plugin, the webhook output is slightly different for Hg projects. We’d love to see pull requests for this as well.

Feature/Remote BitBucket Cloud
Supported version BitBucket Cloud Only
VCS git ( only )
Auth method oauth2
Push events yes
Push tags events yes
Merge requests partially
Commit statuses yes
Restrict by organizations yes

Next Steps

Once you have configured your Remote Driver, it’s time to Select and Configure a Database.

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