Settings Reference

Unless otherwise specified, the settings described below are all environment variables.

Remote Driver Settings


Set this to whichever remote driver you’re using. Drone will use your remote for authentication, and will add webhooks to your projects to facilitate the build process. See Remote Drivers for possible values.


The value of this setting is highly dependent upon the remote driver chosen. See Remote Drivers for more details.

Database Settings

See the Database page for more details on selecting and configuring a database engine for Drone.


One of the following values:

  • sqlite3
  • postgres
  • mysql


Differs based on the selected database engine. See See the Database for a list of possible values for each DB.

Plugin Settings


Default: plugins/*

This setting contains a space-separated list of patterns for determining which plugins can be pulled an ran. By disallowing open season on plugins, we prevent some classes of malicious plugins sneaking into builds.

To use an example, let’s say you’ve created an organization on Docker Hub called myorg. Here’s a REMOTE_DRIVER setting value that would allow the standard Drone plugins plus your org:

PLUGIN_FILTER=plugins/* myorg/*

Or perhaps your org is on Quay instead of Docker Hub:



This setting may be used to define some global parameters to pass into all plugins on all repositories.

Be careful what you put in here, since it will be trivial for a malicious developer to obtain the values found in this setting.

Key/value pairs are separated by spaces:


General Drone Settings


Drone restricts the build history to authenticated users with pull access to the source repository. In some deployments it may be desirable to make the build history visible to all users on the network. Public mode permits unauthenticated users to access the build history for every repository, including private repositories.

Add the following configuration to /etc/drone/dronerc to enable public mode:


Enabling this feature on a public network will leak sensitive information in the build logs.

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