Artifactory Plugin

Use this plugin to publish artifacts from the build to Artifactory. You can override the default configuration with the following parameters:

  • url - Artifactory URL (Includes scheme)
  • username - Artifactory username, default to blank
  • password - Artifactory password, default to blank
  • pom - An optional pom.xml path were to read project details
  • group_id - Project group id, default to value from Pom file
  • artifact_id - Project artifact id, default to value from Pom file
  • version - Artifact version, default to value from Pom file
  • repo_key - Target repository key, default to ‘libs-snapshot-local’ if version contains ‘snapshot’, ‘libs-release-local’ otherwise
  • files - List of files to deploy
  • force_upload - Force upload if a file already exists

All file paths must be relative to current project sources


The following is a sample configuration in your .drone.yml file:

    username: admin
    password: password 
    pom: pom.xml 
    repo_key: libs-snapshot-local
      - target/*.jar
      - target/*.war

pom.xml deployment

If a pom parameter is specified it will be automatically deployed. It is not necessary to specify the pom under the files parameter.

In the example above, pom.xml will be deployed as <groupId>-<artifactId>-<version>.pom

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