Bintray Plugin

Use the Bintray plugin to publish one or more packages to a Bintray repository. You must supply the following parameters in a bintray subsection of the .drone.yml publish section.

Parameter Description
username A Bintray username
api_key The API key associated with the username (obtain from Bintray settings)
host Optional host of the bintray api server with scheme. Example:
branch The GitHub branch of the commit. A non-empty value other than “master” causes the plugin to upload artifacts to test/branchname/target instead of just target
debug If true, causes the plugin to write additional output to stdout, including its invocation arguments and output curl command.
insecure Enable insecure connections
artifacts One or more descriptions of artifacts to upload

The following parameters describe each artifact

Artifact Parameter Description
file Path to the file to upload within the build directory (the original build directory, not the current working directory)
owner Bintray repository owner (called subject in Bintray API documentation)
type Artifact type. Specify “Debian” for a Debian artifact or “Maven” for a Maven artifact. Any other value indicates a generic artifact.
repository Name of the repository where the file should be uploaded
package Name of the package within the repository
version Version to upload. Required for non-Maven artifacts and ignored for Maven.
target Name to be given to the artifact in the repository. The name is prefixed by “test/branchname” if the branch parameter is specified and has a non-empty value other than “master”
distr Debian distribution. Required for Debian artifacts and ignored for others.
component Debian component. Required for Debian artifacts and ignored for others.
arch Debian architecture(s). Required for Debian artifacts and ignored for others.
override true if the artifact can override (replace) a previously-published artifact; false otherwise
publish true if the artifact should be published after upload; false otherwise


The follow .drone.yml file uploads two artifacts to Bintray

    username: $$BINTRAY_USERNAME
    password: $$BINTRAY_PASSWORD
    branch: $$BRANCH
      - file: dist/myfile
        owner: mycompany
        type: executable
        repository: reponame
        package: pkgname
        version: 1.0
        target: myfile
        publish: true
        override: true
      - file: dist/myfile.deb
        owner: mycompany
        type: Debian
        repository: debian-repo
        package: pkgname
        version: 1.0
        target: myfile.deb
        distr: ubuntu
        component: main
          - amd64
        publish: true
        override: true
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