Cloud Foundry Plugin

Use this plugin for deplying an application to Cloud Foundry. You can override the default configuration with the following parameters:


    user: $$USER
    password: $$PASSWORD
    org: $$USER
    space: production
      branch: master


Option Description Example
api (required) Target API
org (required) Target Org xyz-org
space (required) Target Space development
user (required) Auth username [email protected]
password (required) Auth password supersecure
name Override application name app-canary
manifest Path to manifest test.manifest.yml
path App path build/assets
command Startup command
buildpack Custom buildpack https://....
disk Disk limit 256M
memory Memory limit 1G
instances Number of instances 4
hostname Hostname my-subdomain
random-route Create a random route for this app false
domain Domain
no-route Do not map a route to this app and remove routes from previous pushes of this app. false
no-start Do not start an app after pushing false
no-hostname Map the root domain to this app false
no-manifest Ignore manifest file false
skip-ssl-validation For login, do not validate ssl (for self-signed cert) false
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