ECS Plugin

Use this plugin for deploying a docker container application to AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS).


  • access_key - AWS access key ID, MUST be an IAM user with the AmazonEC2ContainerServiceFullAccess policy attached
  • secret_key - AWS secret access key
  • region - AWS availability zone
  • service - Name of the service in the cluster, MUST be created already in ECS
  • family - Family name of the task definition to create or update with a new revision
  • image_name, Container image to use, do not include the tag here
  • image_tag - Tag of the image to use, defaults to latest
  • port_mappings - Port mappings from host to container, format is hostPort containerPort, protocol is automatically set to TransportProtocol
  • memory, Amount of memory to assign to the container, defaults to 128
  • environment_variables - List of Environment Variables to be passed to the container, format is NAME=VALUE


    image: plugins/drone-ecs

    region: eu-west-1
    access_key: $$ACCESS_KEY_ID
    secret_key: $$SECRET_ACCESS_KEY
    family: my-ecs-task
    image_name: namespace/repo
    image_tag: latest
    service: my-ecs-service
      - 80 9000
    memory: 128
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