Elastic Beanstalk Plugin

Use this plugin for deplying an application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. You can override the default configuration with the following parameters:

  • access_key - AWS access key ID
  • secret_key - AWS secret access key
  • region - AWS availability zone
  • version_label - A label identifying this version
  • application - Application name, defaults to repo name
  • description - A description about the deployment, optional
  • auto_create - Automatically create the application, defaults to false
  • process - Preprocess and validate the manifest, defaults to false
  • bucket_name - Bucket for S3 source bundle
  • bucket_key - Key for S3 source bundle
  • environment_update - Flag whether to update ElasticBeansTalk environment with the new version
  • environment_name - Environment Name (optional), if update_environment true


The following is a sample configuration in your .drone.yml file:

    access_key: 970d28f4dd477bc184fbd10b376de753
    secret_key: 9c5785d3ece6a9cdefa42eb99b58986f9095ff1c
    region: us-east-1
    version_label: v1
    description: Deployed with DroneCI
    auto_create: true
    bucket_name: my-bucket-name
    bucket_key: 970d28f4dd477bc184fbd10b376de753
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