Git Plugin

Use the Git plugin to clone a git repository. Note that Drone uses the Git plugin by default for all repositories, without any configuration required. You can override the default configuration with the following parameters:

  • depth - creates a shallow clone with truncated history
  • recursive - recursively clones git submodules
  • path - relative path inside /drone/src where the repository is cloned
  • skip_verify - disables ssl verification when set to true
  • tags - fetches tags when set to true
  • submodule_override - override submodule urls
  • submodule_update_remote - pass the --remote flag to git submodule update (useful when tracking a branch instead of a commit in a submodule)

Sample configuration:

  depth: 50
  recursive: false
  tags: false

Sample configuration to override the relative clone path:

# clones to /drone/src/foo/bar

  path: foo/bar

Sample configuration to clone submodules:

  recursive: true

Private Submodules

Private submodules may encounter the following error:

Warning: Permanently added ',' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
ERROR: Repository not found.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

This happens when a private submodule uses a git+ssh url:

[submodule "hello-world"]
    path = hello-world
    url = [email protected]:octocat/hello-world.git

This can be mitigated by overriding the submodule url to use git+https:

  recursive: true

Overriding the submodule url to force git+https allows us to take advantage of the netrc file and automatically authenticate to the submodule repository.

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