Rancher Plugin

Use the rancher plugin to upgrade a service in rancher.

The following parameters are used to configure this plugin:

  • url - url to your rancher server, including protocol and port
  • access_key - rancher api access key
  • secret_key - rancher api secret key
  • service - name of rancher service to act on
  • docker_image - new image to assign to service, including tag (drone/drone:latest)
  • start_first - start the new container before stopping the old one, defaults to true
  • confirm - auto confirm the service upgrade if successful, defaults to false
  • timeout - the maximum wait time in seconds for the service to upgrade, default to 30

The following is a sample Rancher configuration in your .drone.yml file:

    url: https://example.rancher.com
    access_key: 1234567abcdefg
    secret_key: abcdefg1234567
    service: drone/drone
    docker_image: drone/drone:latest

Note that if your service is part of a stack, you should use the notation stackname/servicename as this will make sure that the found service is part of the correct stack. If no stack is specified, this plugin will update the first service with a matching name which may not be what you want.

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