S3 Plugin

Use the S3 plugin to upload files and build artifacts to an S3 bucket. The following parameters are used to configure this plugin:

  • access_key - amazon key (optional)
  • secret_key - amazon secret key (optional)
  • bucket - bucket name
  • region - bucket region (us-east-1, eu-west-1, etc)
  • acl - access to files that are uploaded (private, public-read, etc)
  • source - location of files to upload
  • target - target location of files in your S3 bucket
  • recursive - if true, recursively upload files

The following is a sample Slack configuration in your .drone.yml file:

    acl: public-read
    region: "us-east-1"
    bucket: "my-bucket-name"
    access_key: "970d28f4dd477bc184fbd10b376de753"
    secret_key: "9c5785d3ece6a9cdefa42eb99b58986f9095ff1c"
    source: files/to/archive
    target: /target/location
    recursive: true
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