Drone allows you to cache directories within the build workspace (inside the /drone volume). When a build successfully completes, the named directories are gzipped and stored on the host machine. When a new build starts, the named directories are restored from the gzipped files. This can be used to improve the performance of your builds.

Example configuration to cache the .git and the node_modules directory:

    - node_modules
    - .git

Branches and Matrix

Drone keeps a separate cache for each Branch and Matrix combination. Let’s say, for example, you are using matrix builds to test node 0.11.x and node 0.12.x and you are caching node_modules. Drone will separately cache node_modules for each version of node.

Pull Requests

Pull requests have read-only access to the cache. This means pull requests are not permitted to re-build the cache. This is done for security and stability purposes, to prevent a pull request from corrupting your cache.

Deleting the Cache

There is currently no mechanism to automatically delete or flush the cache. This must be done manually, on each worker node. The cache is located in /var/lib/drone/cache/.

Distributed Cache

This is outside the scope of Drone. You may, for example, use a distributed filesystem such as ceph or gluster mounted to /var/lib/drone/cache/ to share the cache across nodes.

Common Issues

The most common issue occurs when you try to cache files or folders that are not children of the /drone volume. The below example will not work:

    - /root/node_modules
    - /usr/lib/python3.2/site-packages

You should instead only cache directories in /drone:

    - /drone/node_modules
    - /drone/site-packages

To work around this limitation we can cache files or folders in /drone and copy they to the expected location at the start of the build, and then copy them back to /drone at the end fo the build:

  image: node
    - cp -a /drone/node_modules /root
    - rm -rf /drone/node_modules
    - npm -g install
    - npm run build
    - npm run tests
    - cp -a /root/node_modules /drone
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